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Investment Promotion Agencies Must Still Deliver Despite Budget Cuts

“Time to do more with less” is a worn out cliché. However it is REALLY time to do more with less, is it not? You are facing extreme budget cuts, your travel has been restricted, all your events and face-to-face meetings have been canceled, but you still have to fulfill your mandate and deliver results. Now is the time to communicate a compelling case of why your locale is ideal for cost effectiveness, geographic diversity,...
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Congressional Bill Allows Access To Financial Services For US Cannabis / Marijuana Businesses

Jeffrey Miron & Erin Partin of The Cato Institute recently reported on the US House of Representative’s 1,800 page long coronavirus relief bill today. Included is a provision approving the Secure And Fair Enforcement Banking Act (SAFE Act) of 2019, which allows cannabis manufacturers and sellers in states that have legalized or medicalized marijuana, to access the banking system, develop lines of credit, and be eligible for other protections. From the bill: “The purpose of this section is...
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Now Is A Good Time To Review Your Business Insurance To Lower Cost & Ensure Correct Coverage

Our founder spent a decade running an insurance brokerage in Ohio.  Too often business executives and entrepreneurs don’t adequately understand insurance coverages: The differences between casualty & liability, a Business Owner’s Policy vs Commercial Package Policy, Risk vs Peril, etc. It is important to periodically review coverages with an independent agent, whether in person or online to ensure that professionals and businesses have the correct coverages,  it is also prudent to ensure the best possible...
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During The COVID-19 Pandemic & Recession, A Way Forward For Businesses

We have prepared a new offering to help  businesses of all sizes to fight back against this recession and pandemic, lowering costs between 20-50%, ensuring maximum security, wile assuring that our client organizations are resilient, flexible and disaster-resistant, able to thrive in the new social-distant world with adequate resources like VPN and advanced security. For the most part we do this at no direct cost to our clients! We do offer some advanced services where...
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What do you need to know right now?

Your enterprise, agency or organization is incessantly evolving. As a leader, your most important responsibility is to consistently make the right decisions. To do that effectively, you need the right information, knowledge & insight. That’s where we come in. Count on us to investigate, research, and obtain the information you need to support your critical decision making, backed by analysis and insight. What are your initiatives over the next 18 months? We can help. What...
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Our FDI / IPA Methodology

Many of our engagements are with government Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) designed to help them increase Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). There are many different types of engagements and different services that we perform on behalf of our IPA clients. The most common engagement is completed in two phases, first a detailed assessment, then an action plan and delivery of agreed upon services. First, an assessment is conducted to understand the IPA’s objectives, how they are...
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Unidotrak – Business Intelligence for your corporate website

On average less than 2% of visitors to your corporate website will interact in some way that identifies the visitor. That leaves about 98% of your visitors unidentified unless you have a website lead generation and anonymous visitor identification tool like Unidotrak on your side. Would you like to identify those website visitors who are visiting your business website with more than a location and or IP Address? Unidotrak is our tool that identifies businesses or organizations that are...
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Why we switched to Amazon’s AWS Connect from 8×8 for our telephony

Before starting Unido Digital, I was the editor of a publication that covered telephony for contact centers. A big part of my job back then was (and in some ways, still is) to keep up to date on the state of the art in modern business telephony and omnichannel communications, which includes things like customer service via social media. One of the companies I covered was 8×8. When I launched Unido Digital over 2 years...
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The Times, They Are A’Changin’!

  The following is a reprint of a LinkedIn thought piece published by our founder at the beginning of this year. Look out for an outlook for 2018 in the coming weeks. 2016 was a year marked by significant change and uncertainty across the spectrum of business process outsourcing, from software development to call centers. Political, technological, and human factors have all conspired to ensure that no matter what sector one works in, there will...
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