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For corporate end users, software developers and IT Outsourcers, third party quality assurance and testing is an essential part of the software delivery process. In some cases, anonymous, faceless operations a half a globe away may be enough. For the highest quality assurance usability and regression testing, it helps to have the confidence of a more advanced partner closer to home, in the same time zone, with a cultural match that is irreplaceable when it comes to usability testing and technical support, and accent match for voice applications and user support. With offices 3 hours from the USA, advanced on-site training is not a logistical hassle. You come to us, and our team members can fly to your offices with no visa hassles.
 We partner with you to deliver the best to your internal or external clients knowing your ideas, intellectual property, and client relationships are secure. With Unido Digital as your testing and support partner, you avail yourself of the highest level results while realizing tremendous cost saving benefits of the Americas nearshore location: Bilingual support in Colombia, and English native support out of Caribbean locations like Jamaica.

AI Testing – Artificial intelligence applications must be thoroughly tested before being let loose into the wild. We have seen famous cases of poorly programmed chatbots on social media causing an uproar and PR disaster. Poorly vetted AI in some applications may mean investment and trading losses, or worse, risk to life and limb. With applications like self driving cars and healthcare, thorough testing is critical.

Software QA & Testing – The best written software has bugs. The key for quality is to catch those bugs before the software is released to customers and users. Our highly educated professionals test your software according to your specifications and parameters, providing detailed reports and accountability. We use 100% full time salaried employees operating out of our secure facilities, and no independent contractors, ensuring the highest security, confidentiality, and protection of your intellectual property. We invite you to tour our facilities.

Technical Support – Our techical expertise, contact-center style communications infrastructure, including US telephone lines and fiber optic connectivity make our professionals your ideal support resource to handle technical support for yourdevice or software technical support. This can include telephone, social media, email, and chat-based support, according to your needs. Based on your needs, we are able to offer up to 24x7x365 support for mission-critical or in-demand applications

Bilingual Support – Our Colombia team is 100% fluent English-Spanish, with a strong third-language capability across common languages such as German, French & Portuguese. Many of our team members were born or grew up in the United States or Canada and have native North American accents. For large scale native English deployments we also offer delivery capability out of Jamaica: Direct employees, not subcontractors.

Hardware testing – Device testing is every bit as critical, sometimes moreso, than software testing. We can lab or field-test your device for usability, quality, durability or functionality according to the specifications and parameters you set. Our nearshore location means that we are a 3 hour flight from North America, our executives can hand carry sensitive or confidential devices in pre-release, protecting intellectual property. For outdoor testing, your product is away from domestic prying eyes, and can be tested in temperate environments similar to a North American autumn, tropical jungle, ocean surf, atop a stratovolcano, in the desert, or in freezing sleet. Perhaps only Colombia offers such a variety of environments all within a one hour flight’s distance. To put your product through its paces, We are quite literally, best positioned. We have access to a talented labor pool of advanced professionals to test complex equipment such as medical, scientific, and technical equipment as well as consumer devices, appliances and wearables.

Usability testing – Does your device or software work? Are there ergonomic issues? Are there design annoyances that you need to know about before angry customers scorch you and your reputation via social media and product returns? Are your printed instructions easy to follow? We are ready to test your product’s functionality to ensure that you get customer experience right the first time.

Regression testing – The big upgrade promises major improvements…but not if it crashes everyone’s computer during the install. Regression testing makes sure that existing functionality isn’t lost when new features and upgrades are rolled out. Thorough cost-effective regression testing is key to protecting your investment in upgrades and advances, ensuring a consistent customer experience. We’re your partner.

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