Impact Sourcing

Colombia is rich in gold and diamonds. The diamonds aren't in the ground, they are in its population

Unido Digital is committed to building a better Colombia and a better world by actively recruiting, supporting and developing professionals from traditionally marginalized populations including women leaders, victims of conflict (armed or domestic), indigenous, afro-colombian and coastal populations, and the non-traditionally educated such as autodidacts.

Unido Digital is also committed to providing a safe, welcoming environment for professionals of diverse gender backgrounds.

Do well by doing good

Work with us to make an impact

Colombia’s talent pool has tremendous untapped potential. In addition to top graduates from some of the best universities in The Americas, there are many potential star performers looking for their chance to shine, to exceed expectations.

With a practically unlimited supply of bilingual talent, this country of 48 million, just 3 hours from the USA, has an oversupply of college graduates from disciplines like business and engineering willing to work hard to contribute to the success of their employer, their business partners and clients, and their communities.


Above photo: Informal soccer players in Capurganá, on Colombia’s Atlantic coast. Below photo: Locals play a game of volleyball on Guachalito Beach, near Nuquí, on Colombia’s Pacific coast. Both areas have suffered decades of neglect, armed conflict and under-investment but overflow with human talent and untapped potential. As a whole, Colombia, as the 3rd largest economy in Latin America has the English speaking bilingual talent, top tech and business universities, and  modern infrastructure to service advanced enterprise customers around the world. (Photo credit: Loren Moss)


Women Leaders

Since its founding, Unido Digital’s top management has been over 50% women-led, starting with its first employee and founding manager.


Unido Digital’s leadership includes professionals with backgrounds as “desplazados” (internally displaced refugees), victims of armed conflict, and returned international refugees.

Verifiable Results

Unido Digital welcomes measurable targets and auditable programs from its clients and business partners. This includes formal audits, participation in impact sourcing initiatives, and opening locations in underserved areas.

Uncompromising Standards

Unido Digital lives its mission without any sacrifice in standards. We offer truly world class talent, able to compete globally,and a channel for growth for the individual professional, his or her family, and his or her community. This is not an “add-on’ but at the core of what we are.

Let's work together for good

Our talented professionals will exceed your expectations.
Unido Digital
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