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Unido Digital specializes in processes and engagements for corporate and government clients who seek accurate, verified, actionable information. Due diligence, research, data verification, business intelligence, and ethically gathered open source background information. Our corporate advisory practice goes beyond data and information to knowledge and insight to support key decisions for corporate, government and organizational leaders.
Our clients often call upon us to create private reports and to conduct on-the-ground research, or create studies and assessments to guide strategy and situational tactics. Most of this is rather mundane to outside eyes, however research and investigation often requires field work. Some engagements have taken us into underground mines, into crisis border regions, You do get the benefit of transparency, confidentiality, and accountability, oversight, and judgement. We have the experience and connections across continents to establish and launch operations quickly and efficiently. Located in the Americas, we are convenient for travel and time-zone to all of The Americas and Europe Our entire professional staff is multilingual with English and Spanish mandatory, and many professionals fluent in other languages such as German, French, Mandarin and Portuguese.
We excel at processes and projects that are knowledge and information intensive, where the capability of the professionals is a key differentiator. The vast majority of our work is for private clients and research output is not for general distribution; however, we do share news, information & analysis with the intellectual public through our three news outlets:

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Every solution is unique and we work with you to meet your specific needs.
  • Data research, gathering, investigation
  • Information verification, & quality control
  • Investment & financial services data research
  • Data search and analytics¬†
  • Business intelligence
  • Research-to-report
  • Corporate Advisory
  • Government information hygiene
  • Legal research, litigation support
  • Document review & data extraction
  • Performance management, quality monitoring & control
  • Business to business contact & moderation
  • Data analytics
  • Site Selection
  • Market research
  • Software based information processing
  • Labor & Real Estate studies
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