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From Data to Insight

At Unido Digital we extract insight/knowledge from data. We disseminate much of this information through our public media outlets, but most of our work is done for specific clients. For them we support their knowledge processes with services ranging from research and consulting to data analytics. Whether you simply don’t have the information & decision support you need, or perhaps you have dirty, obsolete, incompatible, or unverified data that you need to distill into high quality information & knowledge, we take you from data to insight.

Our strategic location in the heart of the Americas means significantly lower costs, cultural fit, no visas, & convenient 3-5 hour flights to most cities in North America, South America, & The Caribbean when you need us on site.

Business Intelligence, Data Gathering & Analysis

Research & Decision Support

Analytics – employing tools like Alteryx, RegEx, RESTful APIs

Trade & FDI Development, including investor/executive interaction management

Data grooming & curation, digesting data from multiple sources simultaneously; from multiple databases to old fashioned telephone calling or field surveys

Knowledge mining, extracting insights from your data using tools like SQL, NoSQL, & Graph Databases

Data annotation, image tagging, data labeling

Data prep, cleansing, grooming: text, images, audio, video, etc.

Collecting data from multiple sources: web, paper, electronic, telephone, etc.

Telephone & omnichannel polling, surveys, research (100% bilingual English/Spanish)

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